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40 is coming

I just turned 38 last week and now I know that I am on the verge of 40.  I am really looking forward to my 40's.  I had my 20 yr high school reunion which I didnt go to Saturday and I was looking at the pictures online and you cant even recognize some of the people AND I look so much better than some of them heh.  It is funny, all of this time I have been my worst critic and now I see what others see in me.  Interesting. I always was very critical of every blemish, scar and bump on my face nad body and now am not so much anymore.  I always get told I look younger than I really am and I also know that it would be even better if I would lose those last stubborn pounds that defy me. 

When I turn 40 I want to go rafting in the grand canyon then hike for 2 nights, go golfing in Sedona, then a spa day, then hit Vegas for 3 nights.  I am so excited for this and have started exercising and getting in shape for the trek.  I figure that I have two years to save and realistically push myself. I think or rather I know I can do it.  Just have to jump into reality a few times when I am sitting on the couch with the wave of guilt pushing me off and on the treadmill, I should have already been on the treadmill.  I do not eat after 7 pm that is my new rule and have been very good about it until I got sick.  And I only screwed up that one day.  So there.  I havent gone to the gym but I have been walking at least 7000 steps a day, until the headache I have tends to cripple me.  I have not been drinking enough water, hence the headache I am sure... (going to get water right now)

I need to keep my goal in my mind.  I ordered pamphlets so that i can post them everywhere so I can see my long term goal...

What is your 40th year goal?

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