Le Chat Noir (kittenspeaks) wrote in thirtysomething,
Le Chat Noir

Really great contest

Ok, I know this isn't really a 30 something specific but- as a 34 year old woman living on my own I know I have acquired quite a bit of clutter over they years. I also dream of making over my home and feeling like I get to creep closer to "middle age" with more of a sense of organization and stability. When I got this info I thought some other might feel the same way I do. Sadly, I can't enter this but you all can. :-)

This is a contest with The Style Network and Niecy Nash. It is the search for The Messiest Home in America. They ran this last year and only redid one room. This year they are doing the whole house. (And yes, I am hating it that I can’t enter.) It’s super easy to enter. You make a video of your home and family that is 1-5 min. Mail it or upload it along with sending in the entry form. Wahllah!

Here is the video that was submitted by last year’s winner.

Last year there were only 50 entries. My last update (just before Christmas) was that there were only about 5 entries so far for this year so you stand a REALLY GOOD chance of winning.

Anyway, check out some of the videos and then enter on your own. Clear some clutter and support your habit. J
Happy Holiday every one.
Oh, and if anyone wins I want to move in with you after it is done. ;-)
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